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Laptop Lockers

Lockers: LaptopLaptop4A

Multi Door Locker – stores 8 or 12 laptops.
Multi Door Locker – stores 10 laptops + storage compartment.
Single Door Locker – stores 8, 10 or 12 laptops.
Single Door Locker – accommodates adjustable shelves, stores multiple laptops.

Perforated backpanel provides passive ventilation and cable tie points.
Two rows of holes in the rear of each shelf for cable access and ventilation.
Adjustable or fixed shelves for single door laptop lockers.
Welded frame and cross supports for strength and stability.
Perimeter door surround, prevents the doors from being forced inwards.
Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength.

Single point locking.
Lock Types –
Key operated (with barrel exchange system), provision for padlock or combination code lock.

djustable Shelves (single door locker).
Numbered Laminate Plaques.